OK Jelen

Control descriptions

by OK Jelen

Even though we announced control descriptions will be available only on the map, we decided to make the control descriptions available in the finish area, close to the start.

Why? First idea was to print the control numbers and codes on the map (as with MTBO), but we decided against it as it would make a mess on the map. Therefore, we decided to compromise.

Croatian Indoor Cup

by OK Jelen
As announced in the invitation, the competition will be part of the Croatian Indoor Cup. This year there will be three competitions, with the best 2 out of 3 system for calculating the final result.
Cup is not officially supported by the Croatian Orienteering Federation, but solely by the clubs organizing the events.

Map sample

by OK Jelen

To get a better idea of the competition area and the building itself below you can check out the sample map from last year. Start/finish will be in the basement area, just as it was last year. Prize giving ceremony will also take place in the same auditorium as last year (not shown on the sample map).

Sample map

O-PMF 2019

by OK Jelen

After successful 2018 competition, there will be another indoor competition at the PMF in Zagreb this year. The venue is the same, there will be a few surprises, come and check it out.

Aggregate results of the first Croatian Indoor Cup

by OK Jelen

First Varaždin indoor orienteering competition, O-VIC, was held on Saturday, February 24th in I. elementary school. More than 100 competitors entered the event, which was more than expected for the first time. Our club helped with the organisation and with initiative of the main organiser, we decided to combine the results of both Zagreb and Varaždin competition and award the trophies to the best of the best competitors. Competition report can be found here, and the photos are posted on the organiser Facebook page.

Results and split times

by OK Jelen

Dear competitors, thank you from the bottom of our hearts, to all 111 of you and your fans and friends. After minor corrections, results and split times are available online. To the few unlucky ones, we’re sorry, better luck next year. We are listening to your suggestions and complaints and we will try to do better next year.

Photos will be available soon, until then you can take a look at the nice video made by Tony. Thanks Tony.