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Aggregate results of the first Croatian Indoor Cup

by OK Jelen

First Varaždin indoor orienteering competition, O-VIC, was held on Saturday, February 24th in I. elementary school. More than 100 competitors entered the event, which was more than expected for the first time. Our club helped with the organisation and with initiative of the main organiser, we decided to combine the results of both Zagreb and Varaždin competition and award the trophies to the best of the best competitors. Competition report can be found here, and the photos are posted on the organiser Facebook page.

Results and split times

by OK Jelen

Dear competitors, thank you from the bottom of our hearts, to all 111 of you and your fans and friends. After minor corrections, results and split times are available online. To the few unlucky ones, we’re sorry, better luck next year. We are listening to your suggestions and complaints and we will try to do better next year.

Photos will be available soon, until then you can take a look at the nice video made by Tony. Thanks Tony.

Quarantine and course lengths

by OK Jelen

Upon your arrival please proceed to the quarantine area on level -1. Follow the taped route from the faculty entrance. After finishing the race you can leave the quarantine, but you can only move to the prize giving ceremony room.


Course lengths:

Category Distance Controls Climb
M-A 1.9 km  30 KT  9 climbs up the stairs
Ž-A 1.6 km  30 KT  6 climbs up the stairs
M-B 1.4 km  26 KT  5 climbs up the stairs
Ž-B 1.2 km  24 KT  3 climbs up the stairs
M45 1.4 km  26 KT  5 climbs up the stairs
Ž45 1.2 km  24 KT  3 climbs up the stairs
M18 0.8 km  24 KT  2 climbs up the stairs
Ž18 0.8 km  24 KT  2 climbs up the stairs

Official T-shirts and overall results

by OK Jelen

Dear friends, we are so excited about this competition that we decided to make official competition T-shirts. They will not be available for sale at the event but you can pre-order the T-shirts via online form. T-shirt price is 50 HRK (cca 7 EUR), you can check them out at the pre-order form. Please order before February 1st.

Second big announcement is that we have established a cooperation with the O-VIC, Varaždin indoor challenge competition. Their competition will be held 2 weeks after O-PMF, on February 24th, and we will additionally reward the best competitors who participated in both competitions (for all classes).


Time of changes

by OK Jelen

Dear friends, after 5 unforgettable years at FER, we have decided to change the location of this unique competition. Indoor orienteering in Zagreb will now be called Zagreb indoor orienteering challenge and will take place at the Chemical department of the PMF in Zagreb, Horvatovac 102a.

See you on February 11th at 18:00, when O-PmF will be officially launched.